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Wisdom Teeth Come In So Late

Wisdom teeth come in later than the rest of your adult teeth because they are the last set of permanent molars. In some cases, they failed to erupt because of insufficient room in the mouth. Others, however, they don’t develop wisdom teeth all. To avoid complications in the future, some adults have them removed.

Your teeth develop in an organized fashion. The first molar erupts at the age of six and the second appears at the age of 12. On your tenth birthday, wisdom teeth start to form. They don’t erupt until between ages 17 and 25. At this age, you’re become wiser, ergo, the nickname “wisdom teeth.”

Do all people have wisdom teeth?

Not all people will get wisdom teeth. Those who do get wisdom teeth usually have between, one and four. Some people have more than four wisdom teeth.

Science has yet to explain the reason people’s number of teeth varies. If you have extra teeth, they could lead to a lot of dental problems.

When wisdom teeth form, they can be impacted, meaning other teeth around them block them from erupting through the gum. If they partially erupt, food tends to get trapped in the gum tissue leading to a growth of bacteria.

If they don’t erupt, they can result in oral problems, like crowding of permanent teeth. They could also cause a cyst, in very rare occasions.

In some rare cases, tumors develop in the cyst, resulting in jaw breaking. Other people are lucky enough to have wisdom teeth that function like other teeth in their mouth and don’t have to have them removed.

No one knows for sure when wisdom teeth will occur. However, 85 percent of the time, they have to be removed as they could cause complications.

Do they need to be removed?

As mentioned earlier, some wisdom teeth erupt normally and function like regular teeth. If that’s the case, they can be left in.

On the other hand, if they fail to erupt, they have to be removed, particularly if they’re causing discomfort. If you fail to remove them, they could cause infection, swelling, and other dental issues.

With today’s dentistry, it’s extremely safe to extract wisdom teeth. At Southwest Oral Surgery, we perform wisdom teeth extraction a few times a week.

As long as you follow our instructions on how to take care of the extracted site, you won’t experience complications.

It’s vital that you have your teeth checked by our oral surgeon. We recommend that wisdom teeth be removed when you’re still young if they are causing discomfort or oral complications.

In that way, you’ll achieve optimal healing and prevent future oral problems. If you have them removed after you reach the age of 35, you might experience complications and undergo complicated surgeries.

Because of old age, healing times of the extracted area could be longer than if you have them removed in your early 20’s.

Contact our clinic today to have your mouth and wisdom teeth checked by our dentists.

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