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My Tooth Broke Off At The Gum

Your teeth are strong and hard. However, they are still prone to damage through a random accident, failure to take care of them, and other factors. So, when your tooth broke off at the gum, can it still be fixed? Thankfully, in most cases, this situation can still be fixed at Southwest Oral Surgery.  Most dentists face this kind of situation every week. Some patients would come in with their broken tooth and would like their dentists to fix it. However, this situation poses a dilemma for dental health professionals.

Keep in mind that when teeth don’t have sufficient exposed tooth to hold a crown, it is likely to fail. In most instances, it is vital for the tooth to have 1.5 mm of tooth structure on the base of the tooth for anchor crowns. In this way, it will be a lot easier for the dentist to fabricate a long-term restoration.

What is the solution to a broken tooth?

We will make you aware of the issue and its effects. He may inform you that if he would fix it with a crown but the affected tooth has no enough ferrule, then the restoration is likely to fail. In other words, the remaining tooth structure will likely to fracture again, leading to tooth loss. If you still want to go through the restoration of your tooth, you may opt for a crown lengthening procedure. It offers aesthetic result and provides predictable recovery because there is enough ferrule in it. Another option is to extract the tooth, conduct bone grafting and place an impact. Implant restoration, in this case, can offer desired results because there’s still enough bone to support the implant.

Why do teeth crack or break if they are hard?

The enamel that covers your teeth is strong. In fact, it is the strongest tissue on your body. Unfortunately, it is still prone to crack, especially during a traumatic crash. Even chewing on a pencil can cause your tooth to crack. You are also putting your tooth at risk of cracking if you play football without wearing a mouthguard.


Cavities and tooth erosion are just two of the reasons that can weaken your teeth. As a result, your teeth become more susceptible to breakage when you are chewing hard food. Certain foods can cause damage to your teeth. These would include soda, potato chips, dried fruit, coffee, hard candies, and sports drinks, among others.

Preventing tooth fractures

To avoid breaking your tooth at the gum, make sure to avoid chewing on hard objects. Ice, for example, can put a lot of pressure on your teeth that may lead to breakage. When you are playing contact sports, make sure to wear a mouthguard. Then, don’t grind your teeth. If you are clenching your teeth when you sleep, talk to your dentist at Southwest Oral Surgery. Your dentist may recommend having a mouth guard or retainer to protect your teeth against the adverse effects of teeth grinding at night.

If you need to have your broken tooth fixed, consider talking to one of our dentists at Southwest Oral Surgery.

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