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My Tooth Broke and I’m Pregnant

In general, preventative and reparative dental work is safe, even if you are pregnant. We get calls from people once in a while who say, “My Tooth Broke and I’m Pregnant” In fact, preventive measures such as professional cleanings are very important not only for your health, but for your baby’s health as well. During pregnancy, your increased hormone levels can cause changes in your teeth and gums. Your gums may bleed more easily, swell, and become more easily irritated. Preventative care is essential for ensuring that you don’t develop oral diseases such as periodontitis, which can lead to preterm labor.

Can My Tooth Be Repaired While I’m Pregnant?

In general, dental work can be done while you’re pregnant. Dental fillings, dental crowns, and other reparative work are best carried out during the second trimester whenever possible. It’s important that your tooth is repaired in order to prevent any infection. Once you begin the third trimester, you will likely be too uncomfortable to lay in the dentist’s chair for longer amount of time. However, even if you’re in the first or third trimester, repairs of your broken tooth are essential to your dental health and should be carried out as soon as possible.

Will the Medications Used During Dental Work Harm My Baby?

Lidocaine, the main numbing medication used during dental work is classified as a Category B medication. This means that while it does cross the placenta, it is considered to be safe in small small doses. During your dental work, your dentist will use the smallest amount of medication possible while still leaving you comfortable during the procedure. In the case of any antibiotics that you will need to take, your dentist can prescribe an antibiotic that is considered to be safe during pregnancy.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe During Pregnancy?

In general, routine dental x-rays like those performed during your yearly dental checkup can be left for after your baby is born. If a dental x-ray is necessary in determining how best to repair your broken tooth, your dentist will follow the recommendations of the American College of Radiology in performing a dental x-ray. Once you’ve reached the second trimester a dental x-ray is perfectly safe for both you and your baby; x-rays will not be performed during the first trimester.


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