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My Dental Implant is Loose

My dental implant is loose. Does it have to be removed?

Dental implants have a high success rate, as long as they’re performed by a skilled dental surgeon. Nevertheless, loosening of dental implants can be caused by a lot of factors. When your implants become loose, you should

immediately call your dentist who performed the procedure.

Never delay the treatment as it’ll only increase your chances of your bone to be damaged. You’ll also risk losing the bone that surrounds the implant.

The implant that’s loose is removed so the site is cleaned. Your dentist may place a bone graft for the site to heal

properly. Another implant is placed but it’s only done after the site is healed.

Does It Indicate Another Failure in the Future?

It doesn’t always follow. One implant failure doesn’t necessarily mean another implant failure. However, your dentist will have to determine what causes the loosening.

In addition to the skills of your dentist, it’s also necessary that your gum tissue and the bone surrounding the implant are strong enough to hold the implant.

What are the Causes of Loose Implants?

One of the most common causes of this condition is the binding of bone tissue to the implant.

In normal condition, the integration allows the implant to be anchored securely in your bone.

But in rare situation, a formation of a soft tissue between the implant and the bone would cause the implant to move.

The formation of soft tissue could be caused by a bacterial contamination, a surgical trauma or a failure of bone grafting and low bone quality.

If you smoke, you’re at high risk of experiencing failed dental implant.

Sometimes, an implant just fails for no known reason.

How to Replace the Loose Dental Implant?

You’ll need to undergo a course of treatment. But the first step is to remove the implant so your dentist can clean the site and be debrided thoroughly.

A bone graft is placed into the socket. This will allow the area to heal and to prevent the bone from receding.

Preserving the structure of your bone is important for a successful dental implant. However, another implant is placed if your dentist can be sure that there’s a sufficient bone tissue.

Four months after a bone graft, your dentist will check the initial implant. If the bone graft has produced enough bone tissue, you’ll be scheduled to undergo another implant procedure.

On the other hand, if there’s inadequate bone tissue after bone grafting, additional bone graft is performed to make sure that the next dental implant will properly integrate with the bone and make it more stable.

But the removal of a loose dental implant may depend on your situation. Sometimes, there’s no need for it to be removed.

If your dental implant is loose, you should immediately call your dentist and schedule an appointment. Our staff at Southwest Oral Surgery will be here to assist you and answer to whatever questions you may have about dental implants. Please don’t hesitate to call us at:

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