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Loose Dental Implant – What Should I Do?

The majority of patients don’t encounter an issue with their dental implants. The success rate of this permanent replacement teeth is almost 98 percent, provided it’s been placed by a skilled oral surgeon. Unfortunately, some patients would experience a loose dental implant.

But what are the causes of loose dental implant?

One of the reasons your implant moves is that your dental crown is also loose. Most of the time, it is not a drastic issue. Your dentist can easily screw it down. He may also replace the abutment.

In some cases, the dental implant moves because of loss of bone in the implant. It’s an indication that your dental implant is failing. It could also be a sign the implant has not been integrated properly in the bone.

A dental implant fails is uncommon. However, if it occurs, it happens during the first year. And the usual reason is the failure of the implant to integrate.

Gum disease

One of the reasons there’s bone loss around the implant is gum disease. In here, the disease affects the implants causing them to loosen. But don’t worry. Your dentist can still save it, as long as it is caught early. He will prescribe antibiotics. However, if it’s too late to save it, he may advise removing the implant. Then, before replacing it, he will treat the site first.

To know the reason your dental implant loosening is to perform x-rays. Your dentist may also request CT scans.

How to ensure that implant surgery is a success?

If you wish to increase the success of your dental implant placement, make sure that your dentist has years of experience in this area. In this way, he will ensure that the replacement tooth root bonds with the bone tissue in your jaw. This process is known as osseointegration.

There are various reasons osseointegration fails. One of them is a bacterial infection, which sets in the gum tissue, thereby affecting the implant. As a result, it prevents the osseointegration from happening.

If you smoke, the tooth root may not bond properly with your jawbone. Diabetes may also prevent tooth root from bonding with the jawbone, which is common in patients with diabetes and Chron’s disease.

Whatever the reason osseointegration fails, the implant has to be removed and replaced. However, your dentist may advise a bone graft to guarantee that there’s full support for the new tooth root. It will also prevent the dental implant from loosening.

What will you do if your dental implant loosens?

You must immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist will perform an examination of the affected area to know the reason your implant is loose. No matter what the reason is, you must see your dentist so that he can fix it quickly.

Immediate treatment may save it. Then again, your dentist may recommend removal of the implant, especially if the jawbone is damaged. Once the implant has been removed, your dentist will replace it after the area has been fully healed.

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