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Does Dental Insurance Cover Implants?

“Does dental insurance cover implants?” This is a question that we, at Southwest Oral Surgery, hear almost daily. Although most dental insurance questions can be easily answered, this topic is more complicated. Our dental office works with primary dental insurance plans that maximize the savings you get for your dental implants.

Some of our patients’ dental insurance does not cover dental implants. If that is true for you, we can offer you payment plans. With these plans, you can pay for this dental treatment in a more convenient manner. The plans will help you save time with your insurance and save money.

Online Insurance Options

You may also choose to apply for an online insurance option. This is a cost-effective option, and you can have a portion of your selected treatment cost deducted by the contract with a dental plan.

Why Your Dental Insurance Won’t Cover Implants

Most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of dental implants because this procedure is considered as cosmetic. However, some insurance providers are recognizing the long-term benefits of dental implants compared to the other dental treatment options. As a result, some of them provide limited coverage.

Your insurer likely will not pay for the whole cost of inserting the implants. However, you can submit a claim for the dental crown’s cost. Some insurers do offer an allowance, which can be equivalent to the expense of a denture or a traditional bridge.

If you lose most or all of your natural teeth, the best coverage you can get is medical insurance. In this case, dental implants are regarded as vital to reconstructing your jaw and restoring your chewing and biting functions. You should consult with your insurer about it. You may find that your medical insurance will cover all or a portion of the treatment.

How About Dental Discounts?

Dental discounts are not dental insurance. Rather, they are similar to having a club membership. In this option, you pay an enrollment fee, which is between $80 and $180. With this membership fee, you can receive discounts on certain services offered by your healthcare provider associated with the plan. The discounts can be up to 60 percent off.

What is great about dental discounts is that most plans can be activated within three business days. Then, you are not limited to some services a year. The overall process is also very straightforward as there is no paperwork to fill out. They are worth investigating because they can cover some cosmetic dentistry services that are not covered by traditional insurance.

How Much Do Dental Plans Cost?

It depends on several factors. However, cheaper plans will give you little savings. Higher price plans, on the other hand, can offer you a wider range of treatments. It means that you can get more savings on some procedures. As always, read the fine print first before you sign up for anything.


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