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Does Your Tongue Hurt After Oral Surgery?

It is normal to feel pain on your tongue after undergoing oral surgery. The pain will fade approximately 12 hours after the procedure. Make sure that you follow the instructions of your dentist on how to take care of the treated area after the operation.

Oral surgery is a risky surgical procedure. It is imperative you follow the post-operative care given. Any pain and complications can be lessened if you follow the directions carefully.

What Should You Do If Your Tongue Hurts After Undergoing Oral Surgery?

Your dentist may recommend a pain reliever, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen, which can be taken every four hours (or as recommended). You should take the prescribed medicine as instructed but never go beyond the dosage. Most prescribed drugs can make you feel groggy, or they can slow down your reflexes so you should not drive when you take them. You must also avoid alcoholic beverages before and after surgery.

The pain you feel in your tongue may peak three to five days after the surgery and then subside. However, it can last up to 14 days before it completely subsides. If the pain does not subside after 14 days, call your dentist.

What Should My Diet Look Like?

You should avoid hard and hot foods. Do not use a straw after a few days of surgery, as the suction motion can rip our your stitches. When your tongue hurts, it is best to confine yourself to liquids or pureed foods until the pain subsides. Over the next few days, you may eat solid foods. Do not skip meals just because your tongue hurts, eating will help you feel better and heal faster.

Cleaning Your Mouth

You must keep your mouth clean, even if your tongue hurts. To clean your mouth, rinse it with a glass of warm salt water solution at least three times a day.

The pain in your tongue may be accompanied by pain in the lip or chin. This is a temporary situation. If it does not subside after a few days, see your dentist as soon as you can.

During the first two days after the procedure, you will feel uncomfortable because of the pain and swelling. On the third day, you should start to feel more comfortable, but the pain in the tongue or swelling in the treated area may remain. You can start to have a substantial diet after this time.

If you do not feel or see improvement after a few days, call your oral surgeon so proper treatment will be provided. At Southwest Oral Surgery, we recommend following the after-care instructions to make sure that your healing time decreases.


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