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Do I need Bone Grafting?

Most people panic when they hear that they need bone grafting. It brings about nightmarish visions of complicated surgery associated with pain. The reality of the matter is that dental bone grafting is a common procedure and people need not be too anxious about it. When completed by a dental professional, you should have no concerns about this procedure.

Why do you need bone grafting? It has to do with your jaw bone which holds all your teeth in place. When you miss teeth, the bone area which is directly under those missing teeth loses its function and starts to erode. An area is created which gets hollowed out and becomes lower than the surrounding bone area.

When neglected, this tends to weaken the strength of the surrounding bone and sooner or later, the teeth in that neighborhood are going to be in danger and so will be the jaw bone strength. One of the safest things to do is to replace those missing teeth as early as you can. If a tooth is pulled out or falls out, it is better to restore that tooth and to preserve the bone strength. This can be done through a dental implant which is placed in the mouth like a bridge for a false tooth.

The alternative method to this is bone grafting which can repair the supporting bone around the missing teeth or teeth that may have been damaged by something like periodontal disease.

What does happen during bone grafting?

The bone that is used in this kind of procedure could be taken either from the jaw itself, the hip or the tibia just below the knee. Often, when people are not comfortable with this, a tissue bank can help. Guided bone regeneration uses special membranes to support the bone graft and this helps it to heal naturally and allows for bone growth.

The maxillofacial surgeon could recommend many kinds of bone grafting that may include a sinus lift graft or a socket graft. The biggest advantage of the bone grafting procedure is that the functioning of your jaws and your teeth are going to be enhanced.

In cases of severe bone loss which happens after some years of losing most of your teeth and wearing dentures, a slightly expansive procedure of bone grafting may be required. In such cases, bone blocks may have to be removed from the subject’s jaw, hip or tibia and anchored by help of special plates or screws.

You have to remember that bridges and false teeth may aggravate the bone grafting option, but it is not a long term solution as the bone structure will weaken with each passing day. It depends on the individual’s choice.

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