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My Tooth Broke Off At The Gum

Your teeth are strong and hard. However, they are still prone to damage through a random accident, failure to take care of them, and other factors. So, when your tooth broke off at the gum, can it still be fixed? Thankfully, in most cases, this situation can still be fixed at Southwest Oral Surgery.  Most […]

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My Tooth Broke And Hurts

A broken or cracked tooth doesn’t always hurt. But when it does, it can cause severe pain. It’s especially true if the crack exposes the inner pulp of the tooth. The inner pulp is where the blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerve are found. If it’s inflamed, it can cause excruciating pain to the sufferer. […]

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What causes jaw popping?

If your jaw is popping and it’s not from the cereal or nuts you’re eating, then it can be from your temporomandibular joint or TMJ. Sadly, more than 10 million people in the US are suffering from TMJ complications. It can be alarming sometimes. However, some indications can help you identify if it’s a temporomandibular […]

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Why Does My Breath Smell After Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery can cause bad breath. But not all patients experience stinky breath. There are a number of reasons your breath may smell after oral surgery. Bleeding is the number reason you have bad breath after oral surgery. As the extraction site bleeds, it emits a foul odor and unpleasant taste. After it has stopped […]

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Wisdom Teeth Come In So Late

Wisdom teeth come in later than the rest of your adult teeth because they are the last set of permanent molars. In some cases, they failed to erupt because of insufficient room in the mouth. Others, however, they don’t develop wisdom teeth all. To avoid complications in the future, some adults have them removed. Your […]

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